Pricing for your BOw Tied DJs

Based on Experience and professionalism

Bow Tied Weddings™ is priced in lock step with our competition. For the most part, the starting price for wedding disc jockeys is $1,000 (for a 4-hour reception). We charge a little more because we are more than just a DJ, we are also an assistant wedding planner, helping guide you through the planning process and working with your other vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly. When researching other DJ services, be sure to compare reviews, stalk them on social media, and schedule a conversation to get to know them better.

OUR AVERAGE Wedding PRICE: $1,500-$2,000

our signature Directors of Music and Ceremonies™

Four Hours of Reception Music ($1500)

professional grade speakers (included)

wireless microphones (included)

dance floor lighting (included)

Ceremony Music and Microphones ($200)

Cocktail Hour Music ($200)

Cocktail Hour included free for Military, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers ($200 value)

meet your DJ

During the first meeting, you will have the opportunity to get to know the person who will potentially host you and your guests for 4-6 hours of your wedding day. More than just your DJ, we promise to go above and beyond for you and your fiance, offering suggestions throughout planning and making sure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

DJ vs. Band

Maybe you're looking for a band, but might be interested in a DJ. Most Wedding DJs don’t even think about being grouped in the same category as bands, but we do, because we uniquely bring the same level of energy. Here are some things that set us apart: we never take breaks, we can play a wide variety of music, we help guide your wedding day from start to finish, and well, we are cheaper than a band. 

Music and Photography, All Bow Tied Together. 

We are partnered with Kristine Pringle Photographers to give couples an awesome dance party and awesome pictures to help you remember it.